Where to Get Help If You’re Suffering with Financial Problems

If you have financial problems then it can feel that there is no where to turn to for help. For one thing you may feel rather embarrassed and feel that you do not want to really talk about it or you may just feel that you do not know anyone that will be able to help you. However, there are places that you can go to for help and many people use them, so there is no need to feel embarrassed.

Friends and Family

If you start to talk to friends and family you may find that there are some that have had financial problems and they might be able to help you. They may be able to give you some tips and explain how they sorted out their financial problems so that you can try out the same thing. Be careful how you approach them though as they may get annoyed if they think you are trying to get money out of them, perhaps by making it sound like you are expecting them to give you money. Make sure that they realise that you want advice rather than cash and you will hopefully be able to get some useful information.


It can sometimes be handy to chat to work colleagues too. It may be something that you would rather keep private, but it depends on how well you know them and whether you think they may have been in the situation themselves and have some useful advice. You could always be unspecific about your personal situation if you do not want to reveal too much information.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors would be able to look at the financial products that you have and let you know whether there are any that would suit you better. They could find you ones that are cheaper and even help you to switch. This can be handy but you will normally have to pay them for doing this. They can charge a lot and you will have to pay them upfront. So, although they may save you money in the long run, you ma struggle to find the money to pay them in the first place.

Your bank

You may be able to go into a local branch of your bank and get advice form staff there. They may be able to talk through your finances with you and make suggestions about things that you could do which might be helpful. It is worth remembering though that a bank is a profit-making company. They make money out of people being in debt and so they may not be unbiased and they may not have your best interests at heart. This will vary though between banks and between the specific staff members that you talk to. They will also only be able to advise you about the products that they offer and there may be better ones available that they will not be able to recommend or will not know about.

Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service is a free service set up by the government which provides free financial help. It also has a website and gives advice that can be used to improve finances. It has calculators and tools as well that you can use to help you with planning and tracking. There is also online and phone support that you can use for free which can help you. You will be speaking anonymously which means that you should be able to feel happy to discuss anything with them without any embarrassment. It is worth remembering that they help people every day and many will have similar problems to you so they will have no reason to judge you.

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau deals with all sorts of things but they have a debt and money section to help out anyone who needs help. You can find information on their website on many aspects of money and so you should be able to find something that will help you. You can get online support as well or you may wish to visit your local office to get face to face help. You will be able to find out online where your local office is, how to make an appointment and what to take with you.

Credit Union

Many towns in the UK have credit unions. These can be run by local groups or churches and may have restricted membership based on local or membership of certain groups. They lend money and you can have a savings account but they will also give advice about money matters. Some run classes but others will just give advice if you go in and see them. Do check their opening times carefully though as they do not always keep regular opening hours.


There are many websites that have information that you might find helpful. Although will not be personalised, you can come away with some general hints and tips that could help you. Sites like Money Saving Expert have information on different financial products and how to choose the best with a comparison tool as well as tips for getting out of debt. There are forums and message boards too which might help you to find people in similar situations that might be able to help you.

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